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March 15, 2017

Thoughts about experimental city rooftop structures

What about little but wonderful glow in the dark “urban gems” landing on top of the city’s dark roofs. Something that draws attention as if it was a curious visitor…

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February 27, 2017

Levend Licht

Levend Licht (Light Life) is a light installation proposed for the empty bridge houses in Rotterdam, a port city in the Netherlands. It is currently in development and will be...
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February 27, 2017


Skylight is an interior project that started with the intend to materialize sunlight piercing through a large skylight into the inner core of the house. This project is currently under...
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November 10, 2013

“Het einde van de wereld”

"The end of the world" is how my grand father calls the grave yard. In the process of growing older he forgets words, procedures and relations due to Alzheimer's desease....