Maria Vera van Embden Andres

~ makes dreams work ~

Working as a designer with an academic background in architecture and engineering, I believe that our direct surroundings can help us to reflect on ourselves and influence our state of mind. I aim to create architectural elements that trigger ones senses & imagination.

I work with a wide range of materials and production techniques to produce designs that capture and amplify the essence of an object or a space. I'm very much attracted by artistic projects that strongly relate to architecture, public space and the use of light.

I collaborated with artists, architects, researchers and artisian- or industrial producers to develop complex projects from conceptual ideas into physical reality. This ranges from concept and design assignments for architecture/design studios to development and support of production events for RobArch and support of research on robotic fabrication for architectural projects.

Since 2015, I work for Studio Drift as project development leader on the development and realization of kinetic art installations. In October 2017, I moved to London to focus on cross-disciplinary projects that require collaborations between the art world, research institutions and tech companies.