RHYTHM & REDS is an interior piece that is made from fused glass and a powder coated steel frame. The fused glass add colour and atmosphere to the space.

Custom made

The piece is handcrafted and custom made after a dialogue with the client and investigation of the space. Manually formed patterns & suitable colour schemes are carefully combined. All operations are handled by experienced and passionate carpenters.


RHYTHM & REDS is available for all kinds of architectural & interior applications. The intrinsic light filtering qualities of the fused glass can add personality to buildings & spaces.

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Glass Fusing | SiO2, Groningen

Steelframe | Lens BV, Rotterdam

Waterjet cutting | Leusink Watersnijden, Groningen

Polishing, sandblasting, coating | Glashandel Hoekstra, Harkema

Special thanks to Tijn Roebroeck & JH van Embden Andres

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Designs with fused glass are possible for different kind of applications. Feel welcome to contact me to discuss wishes and possibilities.


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